National Journal Adopts Edwards as ABC Candidate

You heard it here first, but the venerable and influential National Journal just anointed John Edwards as the Other Dem Front-Runner.

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3 Responses to National Journal Adopts Edwards as ABC Candidate

  1. wcw says:

    Let me be the first to say, anyone but Hillary. That said, JE is by far the most conservative politician I have ever supported. At least he seems sincerely to appreciate issues of poverty.

  2. I am inclined to agree about Hillary. She is a political polarizer, the only thing her administration would cause is deadlock in Congress, especially if the Republicans retain their current majority after November. Either way, John Edwards seems like a filler candidate since the Democrats are having problems finding electable candidates. The big concern for any Dem hoping to get elected is whether John McCain will make a run. He will likely draw solid following from current Bush supporters and will likely pull down the baby boomer moderate vote as well. If McCain runs, it will be a lop-sided vote in his favor. If not, I doubt that the Republicans could field a candidate that the public would be willing to elect given the downturn of our recent wannabe unitarian executive.

  3. Michael says:

    McCain has no chance of being elected president. He’s already busy tarnishing his (somewhat exaggerated) image as a straight shooter/maverick by running to the right — away from lots of things he’s claimed to stand for in the past. But if he doesn’t pander to the right, he can’t win the GOP nomination.

    Indeed, McCain can’t win even the GOP nomination unless the GOP get into freakoutwe’regonnaloseeverything mode by ’07. Which I admit is possible.

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