Michael is back and will be resuming his normal level of blogging. So, my time blogging is at an end for now. Thanks to Michael for giving me this opportunity again. It was fun. I cannot imagine how Michael summons the time and intellectual resources to run this blog solo on an ongoing basis. And, of course, much thanks to all of you who read my posts. I wish that something was going on in taxland, but it isn’t. Accounting is deadly dull, but, as demonstrated by the consequences of all of the recent accounting problems, real important to our economy. Let me plug the AAOWeblog again as a great place to keep up on what’s happening from a reasonable perspective.

Finally, a correction: Karen commented on my July 22 post pointing out that, therein, I misconstrued an earlier comment that she made. Please consider reading her comment.

Thanks again. I hope that you all have some fun in what is left of Summer. Barley hasn’t indicated whether I will be allowed to….

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  1. Karen says:

    Well Thanx for all the FUN information. Do you maintain your own page? I’ll gladly continue reading your posts and give ya blog-link to keep up with your good works. (And thanks to Michael for his guest spots…and Hope ya had a *nice* vacation!)


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