The First Thing We Do…

…if we’re setting up a lawless state … is kill all the lawyers.

Iraqi police Wednesday discovered the bullet-riddled body of Khamees al-Ubaidi, a lead defense attorney for former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

His body was found in a Shia neighborhood near the Sadr City section of Baghdad, police said.

An hour earlier, a group of men dressed as Iraqi police stormed al-Ubaidi’s home and asked him to come to the Ministry of Interior of questioning, according to Najib al-Nouemi, a fellow defense counsel for Hussein.

Things are getting better in Iraq every day. That nice Mr. Cheney says so, and he wouldn’t lie to me.

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2 Responses to The First Thing We Do…

  1. Karen says:

    Yep…No Liars or Crooks in this Administration…eh? Bleh!

  2. By the way, contrary to some revisionism, “Kill The Lawyers” was Shakespeare’s idea of a good lawyer joke.

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