One More Reason I Should Switch to WordPress

Six Apart, creators of Movable Type and, more recently, owners of LiveJournal, have decided to harrass LiveJournal users whose default icons depict breastfeeding.

Private censorship is a pain, but we can vote with our pocketbooks. Public censorship is much worse — voting with your feet is much harder (and meanwhile they cart you off to jail).

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2 Responses to One More Reason I Should Switch to WordPress

  1. CG says:

    What is odd to me is that you can still have an icon that depicts breastfeeding, it just can’t be your default icon. There are a lot of people very upset about it, and I’m considering going back to a free account when my paid one expires.

  2. LJAB says:

    This is just one example of many cases where users have been disappointed, if not furious, at how the abuse team have treated them. At least one abuse team volunteer has outright said he doesn’t listen to the opinion of anyone who’s publically disagreed with the abuse team before. Paid users are being suspended by unprofessional volunteers, with no opportunity to appeal.

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