Quickies. Because I’m distracted.

  • The most important post of the day. I will write about this if I can find the time/energy, but go read it.
  • Officer Friendly (not)
  • Outrage fatigue (On discovering that people in government who tell the truth get forced out of their jobs: “It’s like reading that, once again, the freeways are crowded this morning.”)
  • Our Air Force isn’t only a home to religious intolerance verging on bigotry, it’s headed by four-star suspects
  • One thing that has surprised me about Wesley Clark is how poor his online presence is. I’d have thought he’d be making a bigger bid for the online activists. Now it begins: he’s speaking to Daily Kos convention. I hope they chide him about his web site.
  • Establishment Democrats support Leiberman. despite his routine practice of putting a knife into the party’s rigbs. Real Democrats don’t.
  • Republicans understand about party discipline: there will be strong right-wing primary opposition for an only somewhat conservative Republican Fl. state senator who recently voted his conscience (and his district) scuttling Jeb Bush’s latest attempt to undo the Florida constitution’s class-size amendment. That amendment, which Jeb hates and has plotted to undermine for years, caps the sizes of public school classes (and thus creates a need to actually pay for schools!). And polls show voters (but not Republican primary voters, maybe?) love it.
  • Ranking Law Reviews is a high-quality effort, but is the game worth the candle when everything is online and searchable?
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3 Responses to Link-o-Rama

  1. Sue Ann Campbell says:

    I thought it was just me that noticed that the Air Force generals are the people that seem to be getting all the government appointments lately. Makes me uneasy, as if there is a plot to take over from inside the government by placing those Air Force fundamentalists in key rolls in non military government posts. It scares me.

  2. Ann Bartow says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it is a little strange that Wesley Clarke is speaking on the Science panel at YearlyKos? Along with the editor of The Darwin Awards, who, okay, seems to have a b.s. in biology, but in what parallel universe does “The Darwin Awards” constitute science?

  3. Jai says:

    I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about in reference to Wes Clark’s on-line presence. Most on-line activists who follow what Clark is up to think that his website is about the best of those associated with the various leadership PACs. And certainly Clark himself interacts with folks on-line more than any of them. He blogs fairly frequently, both at his own site and places like TPM, Kos and so forth, when he does he sticks around to answer questions and discuss issues, and he usually meets with bloggers at WesPAC events.

    And in response to Ann… no, I don’t see anything strange about Clark’s participation on the yKos science panel. It’s one of his many areas of expertise, and the problem of the politicization of science is an area that interests him personally. He is also a member of the climate change group for the Clinton Global Initiative.

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