‘How to Cheat Good’

I give take-home exams frequently, and a thankfully small number of my students could probably profit from reading Alex Halavais's wicked valedictory essay, posted as he leaves teaching1 at least temporarily for pastures new: How to cheat good.

Fortunately, the type of student who needs this advice probably isn't reading here.

1 Update: Er, seems I was wrong about that, as explained in the comments…

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  1. Thanks for the comment! Hopefully it is my last post ever on plagiarism, but while I’m leaving UB, I didn’t quite escape the Academy.

    I’m being “sent down” from the research university circuit to a teaching/professional school. I start at Quinnipiac in the fall, teaching in their MS in Interactive Communication. I do have another project going, but I found it harder to leave the professorial life than I thought it would be.

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