Apple v. Does: We Won

The California (state) Appeals court issued its ruling today in Apple v. Does, a case in which I participated in a minor way as a signer of an amicus brief.

We won: The Court held that the Stored Communications Act prevents Apple from requesting the emails it sought from the ISP; instead Apple must go to the account holders directly, giving them notice and a chance to argue why the orders should not be granted.

The Court also held that the website editors are journalists entitled to claim the benefit of California’s Journalist Shield Law, which prevents them from being held in contempt for not disclosing sources, and also lets them claim the First Amendment’s protections for journalists.

This is, I fervently believe, the correct result. Congrats to EFF, and to Lauren Gelman who organized our brief.

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  1. Good for you and your participation!

    BTW I have been exercising my inalienable rights, and the government and the NAACP have steadfastly tried to make me stop.

    Before I was an Ohio Assistant Attorney General and a Civil Rights lawyer (wrongfully-suspended) I was an editor at a weekly and a cub reporter at a daily (Indy Star).

    All the lies told against me back in the 90’s are being exposed now, and a lot of people want nothing more than to shut me down.

    But we got reams of video, and you can see some of it at

    We bring cameras to the court for little people; check it out:


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