Tung Yin is Safe

Fortunately Tung Yin and his family are unharmed by the tornado that ripped through Iowa City.

I don’t know which is worse–hurricane warnings days in advance, most of which are false alarms, or tornado warnings, which happen when the twister is already near your house.

Most of my students and I headed to Dairy Queen to celebrate our victory.  Little did I know that four hours later, my wife and baby and I would be down in our basement, listening to the radio report about a tornado touching down in southwest Iowa City, heading east (i.e., toward us). . . .

Apparently, much of downtown Iowa City is a mess right now, exacerbated by people who are inexplicably driving out to take a look at how much damage there is!

UPDATE: Oh my gosh, that Dairy Queen has been destroyed!!!

Then again, hurricanes sometimes spawn mini-tornadoes. And we don’t have basements.

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  1. Randy Paul says:


    I grew up in MIami, went to college in San Francisco and lived in Huntsville, AL on three separate occasions for a total of 6 years.

    So having lived through hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes, let me assure you: tornadoes are the worst. Period.

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