SEIU Takes a Gloomy View of the Talks

Renee Asher of the SEIU is distributing the following statement which takes a gloomy view of the otherwise secret talks going on at UM:

Statement of Clara Vargas
Janitor Representative, University of Miami
Friday, March 31, 2006


I am disappointed today that we did not make more progress. I had high hopes for a settlement when the meeting was set.

But I knew we were in for a tough time today before I ever stepped into the meeting. UNICCO’s combative post this morning on their campaign web site made it clear that they are not interested in listening to us, or what we have to say. Our message is clear, “Let us Decide,” what kind of vote to have.

There are more than 168 of us on strike now, and we are more committed than ever. By joining together we have already won a safer workplace, health benefits and better pay, and a seat at the table with the university and UNICCO.

I hope that when we meet again Tuesday, UNICCO will be prepared to hear us, and the university will be prepared to back us.

Anyone who thought one meeting was going to resolve this was dreaming…

Meanwhile, the talks will continue this week. Can’t hurt.

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