Obscure Technical Post

Just in case anyone else is trying to find the answer to this, if rebuilding a Movable Type 2.6x blog produces an error message of

Wide character in print at … /mt/lib/MT/FileMgr/Local.pm line 88

the answer can (only?) be found at archive.org.

Just to make it easier, below I’ve copied the key instructions from the missing post at pkshiu.com.

Navigate to your Local.pm file and open it in an editor (don’t forget to back it up first!). In the file, find

if ($fmgr->is_handle($from)) {
while (my $len = read $from, my($block), 8192) {
print FH $block;
$bytes += $len;


See what’s after it, and add what you need (no deletions!) so that the lines following immediately after the above look like this:

elsif(utf8::is_utf8($from)) {
print FH $from;
$bytes = length($from);

} else {
print FH $from;
$bytes = length($from);
close FH;

It solved my problem.

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