To Minneapolis

I am off to Minneapolis to give a ‘works in progress’ talk to the law faculty. Usually, when I go places I try to bring something nearly finished even if it’s touted as a ‘half-baked’ talks series. This time, maybe for the first time, I’m bring a true work in progress, which does make me slightly nervous.

It’s an article I wrote a strong first draft of some time ago (quite a long time ago in Internet years), and then set aside because I thought something was missing. I’ve started updating it now, with an eye to finally getting it out the door. But I still think it’s missing something.

Maybe talking it over with a room full of smart folks will help me find that missing ingredient. Or maybe I’ll just look silly.

It’s a very short visit — I get back to Miami around midnight Thursday — but I gather I will need my coat.

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3 Responses to To Minneapolis

  1. Sue Ann Campbell says:

    Need your coat for Miami? It’s only going to be int he 70’s when you return, that’s not cold Michael, unless your bood has already thinned out.

  2. Janal Kalis says:

    Yes. Its cold here in the North Country. Thanks very much for your efforts in the weblog. It is one that I read daily.

  3. some guy says:

    I wish I could come with you. Or ask you to stop by my favorite chocolate shop and stock up.

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