The Weather is Here

I arrived in Anguilla late last night, after a journey that was longer, and thus more unpleasant, than it needed to be. To add injury to insult, I got to the hotel about five minutes after the bar closed, so no dinner nor even consolation drink for me.

Shortly after I went to bed it began to rain torrents, but it was very nice this morning when I awoke (7:30am — 6:30am Miami time — if you want breakfast, these cryptographers are not into sleeping late, it seems), if a bit windy. And there are now some ominous clouds in the distance.

The cryptographers are here in force, and surrounded by all this beauty seem intent on giving life to every geek stereotype: the hotel’s conference room, a sizable facility with modern projection gear, is located in the sole basement, and appears to have no natural light whatsoever (the better to see your slides by, my dear).

Myself, I’m playing hooky on the first session, and enjoying the view from my balcony. With wireless access.

(Only fly in the ointment: in just the time I’ve typed this, including a ten minute break to check the headlines, those big dark clouds have covered another 30% of the sky and now block the sun. I think we’re in for it. Hmm. Basement might not be so bad after all…)

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