Things That Give You Hope for the Republic

I think that the omnipresence of hate radio and TV is one of the great poisons of contemporary politics. So it’s very encouraging to see signs that the shine is coming off some of the icons. DO NOT MISS MS-NBC’s Keith Olbermann’s disemboweling of Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, clip courtesy of onegoodmove. (While there, check out the other great video captures.)

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6 Responses to Things That Give You Hope for the Republic

  1. bricklayer says:

    Now viewpoints opposing your own are poison? Tell us, is AirAmerica poison? NPR?

    Ted Kennedy?

    Ray Nagin?

    Anti-Israel reporting of major liberal news outlets?

    Or is it just Fox News?

    What is the difference between bias and hate? Your blog is rediculously biased; does clothing it with the accoutrements of scholarship and intellectualism make it non-hateful? Who could read your blog and not walk away believing you hate Bush, most republicans, and conservatives generally?

    Here’s some poison for you:
    God bless Bill O’reilly and Fox. He’s looking out for my children (and yours), unlike the liberal legal elite.
    Bill does what he can to protect them from psychotic liberals who believe that protecting kids means redacting the pledge of allegience in government schools while giving pedophiles a “chance at reform” even if it means more children will be raped.

    Tell me, what has Al Franken and AirAmerica done for the children of America lately?

  2. Joaquim Barbera says:

    Bricklayer, baby, take it eaaaaaaaaaaasy. Too much hate already out there, dude, don’t solace on it. It could kill you.

  3. Michael says:

    I consider people who lie to demonize their opponents to be toxic. I also consider those who call for or celebrate violence to be toxic. If you read Orcinus on “eliminationist” rhetoric by Limbaugh and others, or read Media Matters on O’Reilly et al, you’ll see just how bad these guys are. It’s not their politics. It’s their fascist-like methods and rhetoric.

  4. Sue Ann says:

    It’s all spin and tweeking.

    If you don’t like the spin Fox puts on things, then demand that the truth be told.


    That radical concept that apparently has no place in Politics or JOurnalism anymore (more’s the pity.)

  5. Karen says:

    That piece was Hillarious!!

    and I found this fun one on my other personal FAV at US News Wire: The Vixen of Vipertude:

    Ann Coulter is perhaps the most pro-death anti-abortion activist in American history. Coulter advocates executing children who kill, justifies killing abortionists, defends the massacres of civilians, and promotes torture. Coulter’s death desires include:


    Elizabeth Dole……….assault weapons
    John Walker………….burned alive
    Norman Mineta………..assassination
    New York Times……….truck bomb
    Al Gore……………..friendly fire
    Gray Davis…………..friendly fire
    John Edwards…………strangling
    John Kerry…………..carpet bombing
    American Journalists….assassination

    Now add Justice Stevens …with poisoned Crème Brulee – and that just about rounds it out.


  6. Steve says:

    Sure would be nice if these videos were posted in an open format so that users of Linux and other free operating systems could view them, too.

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