Values Clarification

Miami Herald, Groups unite to defy military recruiting efforts,

Over the last five years, schools such as Central, which is in a lower-income area, saw twice as many military recruiters as college recruiters.

I don’t begrudge the military the chance to recruit (as long as there’s no trickery); indeed, I’m still waiting for GW Bush to make a nationally televised speech banging the drum. But wouldn’t it be nice if we as a society were as assiduous about promoting education as a means of upward mobility.

Of course, once upon a time, state college tuition was almost free; now it’s much more expensive (Update: here are some stats on declining public funding of community colleges). And we’re making loans more difficult too.

I suppose it helps military recruiting….

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  1. Guest says:

    If we’re rational actors, doesn’t the existing allocation of societal resources imply that we actually prefer fighting? Meaning that calls for reallocation are being heard as solitications to choose bologna over filet mignon.

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