Taming the Blog Comment Flamers

Today’s coincidence: I deleted a comment today (a very rare event around here) due to its knuckle-dragging racism. A few minutes later, via Captology Notebook, I ran into Have a hug. It seems that by pre-loading the phrase “Everyone needs a hug” into the comment box of a blog, the owner cut down flames “by a huge amount”.

It’s so cutesy that I can’t quite bring myself to try it. Yet.

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3 Responses to Taming the Blog Comment Flamers

  1. Douglas says:

    The “everyone needs a hug” is so disarming.
    JWitness folks at my door last week cited “yield to rage” for a way to deal with aggressive drivers.
    Deal with visciousness with a conscious yield of open arms and open heart.
    Isn’t visciousness ultimately a mental state of need? Feed the need with a hug.

  2. Mojo says:

    I saw a guy the other day on the bus who kept trying to hug everybody. It seemed to increase agressiveness and hostile language rather than the reverse. I guess it’s all context.

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