Jeb Bush’s Florida

Florida’s funding for its public schools ranks 49th out of 50 states. For the fourth-largest state in the union, that’s nothing short of a national disgrace.

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  1. Karen says:

    That’s because all the efforts got to the Bush Progressive “No-Child-SEES-A-Behind” Program (think Google!)


  2. Marc says:

    Not relevant, but hilarious.

    George W. Bush

    Charges: Simply put, the stupidest man ever to lead this country. Bush’s lobotomized Will Rogers routine is a satirist’s dream, a European intellectual’s caricature of the dipshit cowboy American, all balls and no brains. Often responds to questions by attempting to define the word he finds the most challenging in them. Thinks press reports of his various crimes are responsible for his waning popularity, rather than the deeds themselves. Interprets the constitution like a Unitarian interprets the bible; for maximum convenience and with no regard to the actual text. Foreign policy vision is less serious and more simplistic than an issue of Captain America.

  3. bricklayer says:

    Ahhh…take a cheap shot at all things “Bush” where your out of state readers will go along with you…

    Well for those out of staters:

    Jeb was elected over the puppet of the teacher’s union mafia:

    The mafia has retaliated at every turn, example by a propaganda campaign to limit class sizes:

    And sued to kill the voucher program that Jeb chose to help:

    And want to HIDE their incompetence by fighting accountability:

    Also, thanks to a liberal court, Joe Taxpayer foots the bill for any children of NONTAXPAYING illegal immigrants that show up for classes at Miami-Dade Schools:

    Where should the money come from? Is money the answer? What programs should be cut? Who should be taxed? You? How much? Geez…not much support for accusing our governor of being a NATIONAL DISGRACE.

    Florida’s K-12 education is still bad, but Jeb Bush’s administration has done more to try fix things than the corrupt teacher’s union ever did.

    Keep in mind some conservatives read your blog, so not all of your readers have CNN-ish memories:

  4. bricklayer says:

    Distorting the education picture and pointing figers at Bush is the new liberal trend:

    I guess you get the same talking points memo that Kerry does. You running for office soon or something?

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