Egyptian Fax Leaks Evidence of Secret CIA Prisons In Eastern Europe

Leaked fax ‘shows Romania helped CIA interrogators’:

An Egyptian government fax intercepted by Swiss intelligence offers the first “real evidence” that the US interrogated suspected terrorists at secret prisons in Eastern Europe, European politicians said yesterday.

The highly-classified fax, purportedly sent late last year by Egypt’s foreign minister, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, to its embassy in London, was leaked to a Swiss newspaper on Sunday.

Egypt has not confirmed the authenticity of the fax. But MEPs described it as “a hugely significant step” when angry Swiss authorities confirmed the leak was based on a communication intercepted by a top secret surveillance system, known as Onyx.

The Romanian defence ministry “categorically” denied the content of the latest leaked Egyptian fax. According to Swiss media, the fax went on: “There are similar interrogation centres in Ukraine, Kosovo, Macedonia and in Bulgaria.”

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2 Responses to Egyptian Fax Leaks Evidence of Secret CIA Prisons In Eastern Europe

  1. dodo says:

    Everything can happen in absence of Humanrights , Humanrights is just words US use it for media purposes, but when it came to the third world nations , they use it ” US Government” as their rights for using our countries for such grousome crimes.

    i’m not blaming any one ellse in this , our esteemed government and likewise arabian regimes, are big part of this.

  2. Anne says:

    I’m wondering when we will start to hold our governments accountable. They’re supposed to be OUR governments, right, or did I miss that broadcast? WE give THEM the power.

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