Busy Week

Everyone wants to be in Miami when the weather is good.

  • Today, John Bruton, European Union ambassador to the United States, will speak at the law school on “The European Union Today: Consequences of the Constitutional impasse and Relations with the United States.” From what I gather it’s going to be popular–probably standing room only.
  • Tomorrow, Professor Jan Paulsson, the international arbitrator who is visiting the Law School this semester, will give an LL.M seminar on “Law and Sports in the International Arena,” which I presume will be about the IOC and other sports bodies’ athletic controversies over alleged doping by athletes.
  • Thursday, Justice Stephen G. Breyer will deliver the Cole Lecture at UM Law School. I don’t think it’s open to the public without a ticket — the faculty had to RSVP to get seats and students had to enter a lottery to get tickets. [Update: it looks like this last part is wrong — see the comments.]
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4 Responses to Busy Week

  1. Adam says:

    Why should faculty have priority over students?

  2. Charlie says:

    I don’t think students had to enter a lottery for tickets. Prof. Coker’s e-mail detailing the speech said that Gusman seats 600 so get there early if you want a seat. From that I interpreted the seating arrangement as first come first serve. I hope you are wrong.

  3. Michael says:

    I could well be wrong — I just heard students talking about the “lottery” in the context of Breyer’s visit. It could be they were wrong, or there’s a second event besides the speech for some sub-group of the students.

  4. Michael says:

    I can now confirm that the lottery was not for the Cole lecture, but for spaces in a special Constitutional Law class to be taught by Justice Breyer on Friday. Sorry for the confusion.

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