Eleven Days in Jail for … Jaywalking?

Guys, don’t wear long hair in Dallas. Parents, don’t take your children to Texas.

The Constitution remains a brilliant aspiration. Making it real is a never-ending project.

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4 Responses to Eleven Days in Jail for … Jaywalking?

  1. BroD says:

    Don’t those Texans understand how much this sort of thing hurts their chances for statehood?

  2. ruidh says:

    Not as bad as: Student Suspended from School for Speaking Spanish in the Hallway.

  3. Dear God…what a bunch of fucking pricks. The only thing more pathetic then being a cop for DART, is being a “cop” for a junior college or a hospital. Obviously this sort of job attracts the kind of loser who thinks that a DART “badge” entitles him to beat on a harmless man in front of his son. Were it not for the protection of that badge, these guys would be convicted of assault.

  4. Paul Gowder says:

    I think part of the problem is the notion of transit cops in general. Invariably, it seems they hire the people who couldn’t get admitted to the police academy for the regular cops (hardly a high standard there), or are otherwise hopeless losers. Then they give them police powers. Whoops! Hence, the Hedgepeth case of Justice Roberts fame, and innumerable other transit police abuses across the country.

    Maybe I just have a grudge… I once got an unconstitutional ticket for mouthing off to a transit cop in LA. I believe the phrase “don’t quit your day job and become a real cop” crossed my lips… hey, I was a teenager at the time…

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