BlogAfrica Quiz — Easy Grading

BlogAfrica has a ten question news quiz on Africa in 2005. Fortunately, they’re much easier graders than I am: 60% is a passing score — and I just squeaked in.

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7 Responses to BlogAfrica Quiz — Easy Grading

  1. SOTS says:

    I got a 60% also. I deserved less than that since two of my correct answers were just guesses.

    Still, I wonder how well most people would fare on a similarly difficult test about other geographical areas (even the U.S.).

  2. RedWolf says:

    30% Baby; I guess am not mush for AfriKan EsoteriKa.

  3. Mojo says:

    Another 60%. Thank goodness for NPR (and Yahoo music).

  4. eponymous says:

    50% – from a geographer, no less. Fortunately, I knew two of the questions are they were soccer related (the one regarding George Weah/elections in Liberia, and the other regarding the nations that qualified for the World Cup).

  5. Karen says:

    Hmm, have to try me *luck* at the quiz.


    Hope ya be having a long blog-holiday.

    AND here’s your HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


    See ya in 2006.

    (and posted a Year-in-Review meme…which reminds me to Thank-You for the Bloggie Inspiration!! Been a most interesting Year…and more to come up for 2006.)

  6. Randy Paul says:

    I got 80% right. I missed the ones about the cell phone percentage and the oranges and bananas one.

  7. 30%….

    and its your fault, Michael. If you would blog more about events in Africa, I might not be so stupid! 🙂

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