Who Are the Six Senators?

As everyone who pays attention to politics knows, the outcome of Sen. Harry Reid‘s brilliant stunt the other day was a promise that a bipartisan six-Senator committee would report back by Nov. 14 — a week from today — as to the fate of the long-delayed Phase II of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the creation and use of the intelligence data that the administration cited as its casus belli, or perhaps causus belli, for the invasion of Iraq.

But here’s what I can’t find out: who are the six Senators in this group?

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2 Responses to Who Are the Six Senators?

  1. Brautigan says:

    Silly wabbit, that was a promise to form a committee.

    I suppose next you’ll be wanting to hold people accountable for their promises.


  2. Aaron says:

    The Sanfrancisco Chronicle says who the Democratic Senators are:
    Harry Reid
    Diane Feinstein
    Carl Levin (Michigan)
    John D. Rockefeller (WV)

    but I have no idea who the Republican members are…

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