Seymour Hersh Will Depress the Hell Out of You

Writing in the New Yorker, Seymour Hersh has a must-read temporarily online. Among the main points: allegations by (CYAing?) unnamed former policy people that Bush sees Iraq as a holy war, or at any rate that he is not listening to any bad news about it. More credible stuff about how the armed forces are not reporting key statistics to the public, and how the US is dumping tons of bombs where the media isn’t looking; plus bonus info on who decides where they should be dropped today, and who may be doing that tomorrow.

The general tone is that Iraq is now a full-fledged Vietnam, complete with a case for bugout and a late Nixon in the White House. There’s even a suggestion that Syria is being treated like Cambodia, complete with covert border raids by US special forces. (If not Syria, then it would be Iran, wouldn’t it?)

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