Sex Offenders Mapped Near UM

Via, I produced a map of convicted sex offenders near the UM campus. 0005.png
Who would have guessed we’d have so many?

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5 Responses to Sex Offenders Mapped Near UM

  1. Guest says:

    What’s “convicted” and what’s “sex offender”?

  2. Doran Williams says:

    How about a map showing the location of convicted and/or arrested or suspected con-men, thiefs, DWIs, corrupt politicians, perps of violent crimes involving guns and knifes, war criminals, and writers of cheap, racy novels?????

  3. Doran Williams says:

    Ok, I should be a bit more serious and professional about this. Do you now feel safer or less safe, for yourself and your family and friends, knowing where these people live? Have any of these people lived there for more than one year? If so, then they probably have not re-offended. How will you deal with these people now? Is it helpful to the community to have these people identified? Would it be equally helpful to the community to have con-men, thiefs, DWIs, etc etc similarly identified as to where they reside?

  4. BroD says:

    Feh! Whoda guessed you’d have so few!

  5. Nickolas says:

    Completely agreed to Doran.

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