Note to Self: Stuff to Read

From CultureCat | Rhetoric and Feminism:

3. What are some of the best female-written blogs in
your opinion? The best liberal blogger? The best conservative blogger?
The best in keeping everyone guessing?

Best female-written blogs:
One Good Thing:
Girl Genius:

Best liberal bloggers:
Bitch Ph.D.:
Body and Soul:
Hullaballoo (Digby):
John & Belle:

Also creative endeavors like:
The Rude Pundit:
Wealth Bondage: (“fetish action figures”)

Best conservative bloggers:
Ann Althouse:
Ilyka Damen (now defunct):
(and though they’re more libertarian/fiscal conservative)
Crescat Sententia:
Marginal Revolution:

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2 Responses to Note to Self: Stuff to Read

  1. elliottg says:

    Orin Kerr and Daniel Drezner are better conservative bloggers than Ann Althouse who is smug about not being a conservative (even when she clearly is) and just plain wrong about so many things. Did you see last week when she called Bush’s Veteran Days speech “great” and agreed that Democratic lawmakers were being unpatriotid?

  2. elliottg says:

    Ok. Stupid comment above. I’ll go with the Homer Simpson defense. Duh. How about Virginia Postrel then?

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