KAL in the Economst, this week:


Forbes, today, since TIME doesn’t seem to have it online yet:

CIA allegedly hid evidence of detainee torture – report: CIA interrogators apparently tried to cover up the death of an Iraqi ‘ghost detainee’ who died while being interrogated at Abu Ghraib prison, Time magazine reported today, after obtaining hundreds of pages of documents, including an autopsy report, about the case.

The death of secret detainee Manadel al-Jamadi was ruled a homicide in a Defense Department autopsy, Time reported, adding that documents it recently obtained included photographs of his battered body, which had been kept on ice to keep it from decomposing, apparently to conceal the circumstances of his death.

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One Response to Maybe?

  1. Karsten says:

    Cool Pic and the message from the pic is true. i hope with a new gouverment it falls.

    we need no cia or other, we need a world security! every nation pays some money to this service and it helps every? it is only a idea, but in europe we see, that it works with one big house and many windows (windows like england, france, germany etc.)


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