Biden His Time

Senator Joseph Biden (D-Del.) is running for President.

Here’s what I’d like to know. Is there anyone reading this who believes, or has even ever met anyone who believes, that Biden ought to be President? (And it’s hard to see what ticket he enhances as Vice-President, otherwise a perhaps more attainable goal.)

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9 Responses to Biden His Time

  1. Willie Buck Merle says:

    You asked…

    He’s too smooth an operator, some things he’ll never say. Then he’ll be the first to say something so weak or off the reservation (Alito no problem?!!?) And he’s always sitting next to a Republican when he equivocates on TV (jeez is he paid to do that?). We’ll let me preface abit and say that I’ve learned my lesson from Kerry ’04 (“because he is presidential”, oy). That obviously doesn’t mean much nowadays, go tell the children.

    Maybe it is hard for established senators to run, we know their game. Is he anti-war, for controlling our spending, for anti-torture…. you tell me? Has he ever taken it ‘to the house’? I don’t remember, my fault. Murtha, Feingold, even McCain got game.

    When you bring HRC into the contest do you need game? Maybe that is Biden’s tact, “I’m not married to Bill Clinton.” Ooops maybe he can’t use that after all (just kidding Hil’ Honey).

    ps. so the guy’s a plagarist, SO WHAT. Does he need a wire to handle a national debate SIX FREAKIN’ MONTHS IN ADVANCE?

  2. BroD says:

    “Is there anyone reading this who … has even ever met anyone who believes…that Biden ought to be President?”

    I’ve never met Biden, so no.

  3. Davis X. Machina says:

    In Joe Biden’s parallel universe, Scoop Jackson beats the peanut farmer silly in the ’76 primaries, serves two terms, and then is followed for two terms by his Vice President, Sam Nunn.

    It’s the same formula Jackson tried — peel off the Jewish vote in the primaries (Jackson-Vannick Amendment), then run to the right of a sitting Republican on ‘defense’ in the general election.

    Didn’t work then, won’t work now.

    Hillary Clinton is Joe Biden with tits — and a vastly superior fundraising operation.

  4. Katherine says:

    No. You have to have a big ego to want to be president, but unless you hide it better than Biden you’ll never be President.

    I’m interested in Clark and Feingold. Maybe Edwards but he’s going to have to DO something in the meantime, & learn to make more than one speech.

    I know we’re supposed to go with governors but I don’t know who any are, really.

    I utterly refuse to vote based on “electability”, It’s my own form of strategic voting.

  5. paul says:

    No. Biden is overrated. I can never understand why he gets the play that he does. But then it is just probably me. IMHO – He completely has a tin ear as a partisan. He manages to deflate his party’s message without actually acheiving anything in the bargain. As a thinker all that tin is wrapped around an empty head. There are few senators who ike to hear themselves talk as much as Biden. And as a senator – well, he fills a nice suit.

  6. Richard Bellamy says:

    Am I mis-remembered my history, or didn’t Joe Biden run for President in 1984 or 1988, and have to drop out because he was accused of plagiarism? Was his strategy to wait 20 years, and then when it comes up again accuse THEM of plagiarism for re-cycling an old story?

  7. JohnL says:

    Count me in favor of a Biden run, for one reason and one reason only: the Senator from MBNA will likely inspire competing Democratic hopefuls to take a vocal stance against abusive practices by credit card issuers.

  8. Running for president is something senators do for status in the senate, not to be taken too seriously.
    Biden does know how to run for president – I learned how to do sound bites from watching Joe run Carter’s campaign in Delaware. And he’s not Hillary. And he has the compelling personal story. But he’s not electable.
    Except against say Jeb or LeRoy Blunt – who is the GOP running?
    Biden was senator from Delaware long before MNBA came to town, although I do like the tendency to refer to senators by the corps they represent, it doesn’t fit well here.

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