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Michael Madison writes,

I have set up a blog to track IP, IT, and Internet-related academic conferences.

The URL is http://madisonian.net/conferences/

Send conference announcements and save-the-date messages to

Suggestions for improving the resource are welcome.

I think this is a great idea. Thanks, Michael!

So here’s my first suggestion: in addition to the blog/RSS announcements, we need a way to display a calendar of forthcoming events in calindrical form. Right now, the calendar in the right margin shows the date you posted the announcement, not the date of the event.

If nothing else, I want an easy way for people to check that the date they are planning to have their event isn’t already taken.

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  1. Mike Madison says:

    Your suggestion is an excellent one; in fact, your plan is the one that I originally wanted to execute. At the moment, the EventCalendar plugin for WordPress doesn’t support that format, at least not without more re-coding that I’m capable of. I have seen fullpage event calendars based on EventCalendar, so I know it can be done. Anyone with an interest in this should feel free to contact me.

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