Plenty of Blame to Go Around (II)

Obsidian Wings makes the case in At All Levels that the Mayor of New Orleans waited too long to order an evacuation. Yes, the hurricane track was originally away from the city, but even after it shifted, there was first no order, then a request for a ‘voluntary’ evacuation, and then, at least nine hours late, the actual order.

(None of which absolves the feds for a substantial failure to pre-position assets, and a very near total failure to get into gear once the hurricane had passed.)

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2 Responses to Plenty of Blame to Go Around (II)

  1. RedWolf says:

    Plenty of Blame to Go Around is the ugliest political statement in American political dictionary. Here it is used to shield the President and the ruling Junta. Of course, the mayor could have done more, but you don’t compare a mayor of a non-major city to the President; you don’t compare stealing a banana with Enron.

  2. cafl says:

    This is making my stomach turn. Together with the news that media is now barred from NO, I am very worried that we have an internal Gitmo in progress.

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