Pigs Are Flying, People Are Dying

Hell on earth? Yes, and hell freezing over too: FOX News — Fox news forsooth — is reporting that it is inexplicable that the relief is not provided to victims of the flood SIX DAYS after the disaster struck. See the video. Who would have imagined Geraldo Rivera would be shouting the truth at America? And Shepard Smith reporting that people are locked into the Superdome where they are starving and dying. Of course the anchors tried to obfuscate….

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3 Responses to Pigs Are Flying, People Are Dying

  1. Spencer says:

    Fox News is HORRIFYING. O’Reilly is already scrambling to place the blame SQUARELY into the lap of city and state government (which DID NOT EXIST after the storm). O’Reilly points out “african american” city and state government. He’s basically saying black people are responsible for this mess. It’s all so horrific. Shame on Fox Fascist News, and Shame on America.

  2. Randy says:

    Mayor Nagin needs to quit trying to place blame on other people and buckle up and take the damn responsibility. I am so sick of seeing his face on TV, hearing his interviews talking tough, when he is trying to save his own lame lame lame ass. What a Bitch !!!

  3. Mike Maguire says:

    Who would they place the blame on if New Orleans was attacked by terrorist and nothing was done for 5 days? Would it be the local government or the Federal government? You can bet your booty that conservatives would be screaming if nothing were done for 5 days following a terrorist attack.

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