Now *That’s* An Idea

100% lifted from Stirling Newberry at The Blogging of the President just because it’s such a fun idea:

Paul Krugman for Senate: I’m going to believe that Jon Corzine will win the governor’s race in New Jersey. But who should be the Senator? There is one outstanding resident of New Jersey who has both demonstrated intellectual saavy, and now partisan political chops in getting the word out to the public: Paul Krugman.

If progressives want to take the mantle of “the party of ideas.” This would be a sure fire way to do it: appoint Krugman to the seat that Corzine, knock on wood, will be vacating when he becomes governor.

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3 Responses to Now *That’s* An Idea

  1. robert the red says:

    I acquiesce!

  2. Davis X. Machina says:

    NJ is one of the few states where you can run for office despite having no interest in stock car racing, no concealed-carry permit, and no booth next to the kettle corn at the State Fair.

    I think it’s a lovely idea, but swapping the Princeton faculty for the US Congress is penance for a serious crime or failing — merely being an economist doesn’t merit such a harsh sentence.

  3. dilbert dogbert says:

    Why does anyone want to punish poor Paul?? What bad thing has he done to you lateley?

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