Just Wondering

How much have GW Bush and Barbara Bush personally donated from their millions to hurricane relief funds? And to which funds?

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  1. Brautigan says:

    They gave a bunch of money to Habitat for Humanity, earmarked to rebuild Trent Lott’s house.

  2. Karen says:

    Thye donate time…Most Precious is their TIME!!! [the gratuitous stupids comments is for free.]


  3. Buce says:

    Don’t know about Junior but my recollection is that Papa and Mama, back when they had to disclose their tax returns, appeared as fairly generous donors. Recall Al Gore who defended himself against a charge of cheesiness by saying you’ve got remember how expensive it is to keep my kids in fancy private schools (yes I know about the recent Gore airlift of mercy, and bless him for it).

  4. Sue Ann says:

    Well during the 2004 presidential campaign there was much made of how Teresa Heinz Kerry had foundations that funded things. Mostly things the Republicans and neocons objected to by the way, you know like helping the poor, fighting wars and abuse, all those liberal causes. The Republicans countered that there were also Laura Bush foundations. I looked at both websites to see what they said about these foundations.

    The difference was that Ms. Heinz-Kerry used her own money to fund the foundations. The money she inherited from the death of her first husband, PA Senator Heinz. Ms Bush wanted people to make donations to her foundation so the money could be used to help others. There was no mention of her using any of her own funds, just lending her name to some foundation soliciting donations.

    Given this past history of these phlanthrophic endeavors I sincerely doubt if any great donations are pouring from the pockets of the Bush family. They like to use other people’s money not their own.

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