It’s Getting Harder and Harder To Tell Truth from Fiction

Here’s a little test of your acumen. Can you tell (without clicking the links) if

A) Both I & II are true

B) Both I & II are parodies

C) I is true but II is a parody

D) I is a parody but II is true

Remember, no clicking links until you’ve picked one of the above.

I. Everyone is a Meteorologist Now

Dateline: Hollywood – ROBERTSON BLAMES HURRICANE ON CHOICE OF ELLEN DEGENERES TO HOST EMMYS: Hollywood — Pat Robertson on Sunday said that Hurricane Katrina was God’s way of expressing its anger at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for its selection of Ellen Degeneres to host this year’s Emmy Awards.

… Robertson added that other tragedies of the past several years can be linked to Degeneres’ growing national prominence. September, 2003, for example, is both the month that her talk show debuted and when insurgents first gained a foothold in Iraq following the successful March invasion. “Now we know why things took a turn for the worse,” he explained.

II. They’re Under the Bed Too!

There’s controvery over a planned memorial to Flight 93 — the flight hijacked 9/11 in which passengers fought back and which crashed in Pennsylvania.

A committee was formed of surviving 9/11 family members, people from the community and designers/architects. They solicited proposals for a fitting memorial to be built on the crash site and received an amazing 1100+ entries!

After several elimination rounds a winner was chosen… The stunning “Crescent of Embrace” design by Paul and Milena Murdoch, architects, of California … will feature a “Tower of Voices, containing 40 wind chimes — one for each passenger and crew member who died — and two stands of red maple trees that will line a walkway caressing the natural bowl shape of the land. Forty separate groves of red and sugar maples will be planted behind the crescent, and a black slate wall will mark the edge of the crash site, where the remains of those who died now rest,” according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Not everyone is pleased, however: Michelle Malkin blogs to warn about the proposed design, because it’s a crescent. And bin You Know Who loves crescents.

“Is this a coincidence, an example of amazing cluelessness, or something more deliberate?” Malkin asks, approvingly quoting a blogger from Little Green Footballs. Also quoted approvingly from another source: “What next–a holocaust memorial in the shape of a swastika?”

Hints as to the answers below.

Dateline: Hollywood could be America’s second-finest news source. Meanwhile America’s finest news source sports this headline: “Bush: ‘It Has Been Brought To My Attention That There Was Recently A Bad Storm’.

Michelle Malkin actually exists. Item II spotted via Making Light.

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