TSA Wants to Opt-Out of All Oversight for ‘Secure Flight’

Bruce Schneier has a good analysis of the latest horrible idea to emerge from the TSA.

Schneier on Security: Secure Flight News

According to Wired News, the DHS is looking for someone in Congress to sponsor a bill that eliminates congressional oversight over the Secure Flight program.

The bill would allow them to go ahead with the program regardless of GAO’s assessment. (Current law requires them to meet ten criteria set by Congress; the most recent GAO report said that they did not meet nine of them.) The bill would allow them to use commercial data even though they have not demonstrated its effectiveness. (The DHS funding bill passed by both the House and the Senate prohibits them from using commercial data during passenger screening, because there has been absolutely no test results showing that it is effective.)

In this new bill, all that would be required to go ahead with Secure Flight would be for Secretary Chertoff to say so.

There’s lots more.

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  1. ben says:

    ….the TSA itself is a bad idea — and totally non-Constitutional from the get-go

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