Jim Morin Hits a Home Run

Generally, I’m not the greatest fan of the Miami Herald’s cartoonist, Jim Morin, who too frequently draws cartoons that don’t say much, or pretty much illustrate the obvious rather then amusing or provoking. But once in while he does a beaut, and Friday was one of those days:

I’ve tried to pull in the image above, but if that doesn’t work or if it comes out too small on your monitor, please use this link to view it.

(Title typo fixed, sorry.)

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3 Responses to Jim Morin Hits a Home Run

  1. md 20/400 says:

    The title scared me. I thought my notorious representative had again done something newsworthy.

    Morin vice Moran

    Effective cartoon.

  2. Henry Schlatman says:

    Great cartoon to show The Natural Course of Human Events in Mankind’s Quest to find what is Unalienable Right Regardless in The Laws of Nature and The God of Nature.

  3. Bryan says:

    The reality of the “Noble Cause”

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