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Miami’s Daily Business Review is a good local paper with a finance/politics focus. I was quoted a few times in an article on the DeFede case (requires paid subscription) which ran on the front page of Wednesday’s edition. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t bother mentioning this — I speak to reporters from somewhere almost every week — were it not for the follow up: yesterday morning I got a second phone call from the DBR, and an email, both offering to sell me reproduction rights to the article, which indeed doesn’t seem to available online without a subscription.

Here’s what the email offered:

Plaque: Review article reproduced on 11″ x 13″, mahogany-tone plaque with gold, bevel edge, several colors available — $150 + $7 shipping.

Double Plaque: Review article(s) reproduced on 20″ x 13″, mahogany-tone plaque, several colors available (for articles longer than one page — $195 + $8 shipping.

Copyright Permission: Permission to copy Review article (does not include web rights or photo permission). Permission renewable annually — $550.

Copyright Permission/Photography: Permission to copy Review article and photo (does not include web rights). Permission renewable annually — $700.

Photography Permission: Unlimited reproduction use of Review photograph for one year — $150.

Web Rights and Photography Permission: Post Review article and photo (if applicable) on your website. Permission renewable annually — $645.

It’s an interesting business model. And I imagine some lawyers and businesses go for it even at those shockingly inflated prices ($645 per year to post an article online!?!).

Speaking of media, I was also interviewed by CNN this past week for a segment on privacy-destroying technologies such as backscatter scanners (which see through your clothes). The short segment is due to run today, Thursday, at 8pm on “Paul Zahn Now” although I have no idea if I’ll actually be in it. And as we still haven’t gotten around to buying a TV, I suppose I won’t get to see it to find out.

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