What He Said (Gen. Sanchez edition)

I was going to fulminate about the trial balloon launched regarding promoting Gen. Sanchez. But Billion already did the job. So go see Whiskey Bar: Rewarding Failure.

One tiny footnote: as I understand it, Gen. Sanchez technically may not have perjured himself in front of Congress as he said he hadn't authorized highly coercive interrogation methods in the past year. It may have been just over twelve months since he'd done it.

That's very misleading, and certainly prevarication, but I'm not sure if it's technically perjury.

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  1. Matt says:

    In Russia under Putin the practice of promoting generals (and others) who had screwed things up in a massive way or who had otherwise been involved in serious wrong-doing was very common. It was something that filled me with dispair about the prospects for democracy there. There I took it as a mixed sign of a lack of power and complicity by those in the government. I suppose it only shows the latter here, but it still depresses the hell out of me to see such tactics, which show such obvious contempt for the people, being used here, too.


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