Does Firefox Forgive?

I am not one who frequently blegs here. But.

Suppose that, like me, you are an astoundingly bad typist. And suppose that, like me, from time to time, despite nice tools like the autofill plugin, sometimes you mis-enter something into a web form. Like, say, your email address without the final “u”.

And suppose that Firefox remembers this for all time and puts it in alphabetical order above your real address. And suppose further that the little bitty box into which you are suppose to enter an email address is too short to see that the final letter is missing, so you have to remember. And suppose further that you often don't.

In such a case, you would dearly like to edit firefox's list of recalled dropdown entries…without deleting them all and starting over.

Where do they live? Can this be done?

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4 Responses to Does Firefox Forgive?

  1. You can delete an individual entry in your autofill by highlighting it (move to it using the up/down arrows) and then pressing shift+delete.

    similar tricks work in outlook.

  2. Max says:

    Kevin over at the Washington Monthly had the same problem and, indeed, shift-delete cures it.

    While you’re at it, some more Firefox usability tips:

    E.g., want to see quickly the FindLaw resources for a given state?

    Add “” (no quotes for any of these) to your bookmarks, and give it a keyword like “fl”. Now type in the URL bar “fl ri”.

    Viola, FindLaw resources for Rhode Island. FireFox r00lz, but it takes a little bit of hacking to get the full effect.

  3. Mel says:

    Thanks for posing the question. I had the same issue with Firefox and it was particularly irksome when I had several remembered items (adresses in a single building with different apartment numbers) which all began with the same string and the visible part of the items all looked the same. I’ve now cleaned this up.

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