1984: We’re Behind Schedule

The first time I skimmed an online article about this Soviet-style poster that is now found on DC area trains, I thought it was a parody:

this is for real

But it's realor is it?

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One Response to 1984: We’re Behind Schedule

  1. thomas says:

    it IS real.

    if you go to this page which is an advertising agency in jacksonville, florida

    (was the Florida part any real surprise, now?)

    you will see they won an “addy” award for this campaign. those are pretty well-documented.
    i think the campaign is actually a little tongue-in-cheek.
    most art directors are not exactly politically conservative.
    i don’t know these people personally but i imagine they have a fine appreciation for
    retro propaganda and irony.

    a little digging will show this information:
    Title: CSX Poster Series
    Chris Smith, Illustrator/Art Director
    Mike Barnhart, Illustrator/Art Director
    Mike Guiry, Copywriter
    Paul Calderbank, Account Manager
    Chris Smith, Creative Director
    Retouching, Joe Hodge

    cool post, professor

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