Meaningless Personality Quiz (pt. 9)

I suppose some readers will think this a tad high, but it sounds plausible to me.

I am:



“You're probably one of those people who still thinks that getting a [Clinton] is not an impeachable offense.”

Are You A Republican?

It's a pretty funny quiz.

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5 Responses to Meaningless Personality Quiz (pt. 9)

  1. random vagrant says:

    Oh, man. I’m only 43%. I guess I should get a job or something. Iord, I’m a “soccer mom”, I wonder who elected this mess.

    Of course I’m one of those heavily doomed libertarian nuts who voted Kerry, which ruins the basis.
    I did not think I was so centrist, though.

    But it was funny. Reminds me of a flash game someone I know wrote (not public, sorry), where the goal was to accumulate soft money. “Do I kill the baby seal myself, or delegate it? There’s a risk in the photo, , but the payoff might be nice.” “Hm, do I meet behind closed doors/in public/shun a dictator?” Undicslosed author wrote this wonderful flash art before Bush demonstrated a desire to hold hands, recently. I do hope he’ll make it public, hint. “You can choose to ally yourself with… someone, who is powerful. Would you like to? Yes or No.”

  2. random vagrant says:

    Sorry, I misrepresented the last little exposed bit of the game. It is, “You can choose to ally yourself with… someone. They promise about $575,000. Problem is, you don’t know what they support. Would you like to take them on the campaign, and have a new advisor?” Sorry for the double post, just wanted to make that make sense.

  3. Orin Tresnjak says:

    -1%. (!) I didn’t know I was a dirty hippie…

  4. ej says:

    I’m a complete liberal, without a trace of republican. But I knew that.

  5. Donald A. Coffin says:

    “Not a trace of Republican…Your strength is as the strength of 10, because your heart is pure. You hope.”

    Sounds about right to me.

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