From the Feedburner Stats Pro FAQ

Feedburner, the nice people who give me a free RSS feed and some primitive statistics about who reads it have launched a ‘premium’ pay service which offers higher-class statistics. If I were going to spend more money on this site, I would move it to a host which gave me more processing time. Or invest in snazzy graphical design. Or hire a writer. (Just kidding.) But I guess my ego can limp along without knowing details about which posts are getting read more.

The latter part of Burning Questions – The Official FeedBurner Weblog: Premium Service: Total Stats Pro, the new Feedburner FAQ, is sort of cute:

Frequently Asked Questions:
Are you going to start charging for the free service?

Does Total Stats Pro cost less if I (am nice, have a short feed, sign up for 3 years in advance)?

Are you going to say “$4.99 is less than the price of a latte and a bagel” or something like that?
No. We don’t drink lattes so we don’t know how much they cost*. We can and will say that our pricing is lower than comparable web stats pricing.

*We mean no disrepect to anybody that says their product/service prices are lower than the price of a latte, which we think might include the businesses of people with whom we are meeting in the next few days.

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