Can I Deduct Laphroaig as a Medical Expense?

Whisky 'helps fight cancer'

Drinking malt whisky may help prevent cancer, a scientific conference has been told.

The medicinal properties of antioxidants in red wine are well known, but delegates at a biochemistry conference were told that whisky offered “even greater health benefits”.

Dr Jim Swan, a consultant to the drinks industry, said: “There has been much in the news about the health benefits of antioxidants in red wine. By contrast, very little has been said about malt whisky distillery science.

“However, research has shown that there are even greater health benefits to people who drink single malt whiskies. Why? Single malt whiskies have more ellagic acid than red wine.”

But is there more ellagic acid in a small whisky or a large glass of red wine?

And does that I mean I can deduct the Laphroaig if I just drink it for, um, medicinal purposes? Especially given what it's selling for these days.

And, of course, there's always a killjoy somewhere:

However, Dr Lesley Walker of Cancer Research UK, pointed out that the same acid was found in fruit, and said she was “very concerned” that whisky was being promoted as a cancer prevention agent without data to support the claim.

“On the contrary, there is considerable data documenting the link between drinking excess alcohol and the increased risk of a number of cancers, particularly in smokers,” she said.

I don't smoke, so that should be no obstacle.

If the tax break thing doesn't work out, maybe I'll just eat more raspberries.

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3 Responses to Can I Deduct Laphroaig as a Medical Expense?

  1. Karen says:

    “Show me the way to the next ‘Whiskey Bar’…Oh, don’t ask why; Oh, don’t ask why…” LOL (Couldn’t resist — plus ya gotta be of an age to appreciate that one!!)

  2. Brautigan says:

    Just drink gin. You’ll die sooner, but you won’t remember it in the morning.


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