You Could Sell Tickets to This One

The Carpetbagger Report asks wistfully, Maybe we could temporarily suspend the 22nd Amendment for just one cycle…:

The Washington Post’s E. J. Dionne Jr. had a fine column today about moderates and self-identified independents abandoning the GOP, using the latest Democracy Corps poll for data, but there was one tidbit that jumped out at me.

[I]n an amusing but
revealing question, the pollsters asked how Americans would vote in a contest between Bill Clinton and George W. Bush if the Constitution were changed to allow them to run in 2008. Clinton beat Bush, 53 percent to 43 percent — a rather decisive judgment on our two most recent political legacies.

Go ahead, try and deny how much you’d love to watch that race. I dare you. If they put the debates on pay-per-view, it’d be worth millions.

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5 Responses to You Could Sell Tickets to This One

  1. ej says:

    The Republicans insisted on a constitutional amendment limiting the President to two terms because of FDR, then regretted it almost immediately when DDE was elected and more when Reagan came along. There might be a lesson in unintended consequences there.

    I am opposed to term limits because they restrict my freedom to vote for my candidate. The only proper way to get rid of an office holder should be through the ballot box or impeachment.

    That said, I would enjoy a Clinton/Bush faceoff, especially the debates. It would also be a Carville/Rove faceoff. What fun!


  2. Susan says:

    Scary. In my paranoid, conspiracy theory moments, I have been thinking “There won’t really be an election in 2008 and somehow, the NeoCons & their gang are going to make George president again” That there are polls testing the waters, and influential “Liberal” columnists discussing the possibilites just chills me to the bone. You know that that’s how they start, little polls, tiny leaks, a mention here and there in a speech, then it builds builds as people get used to it, until….

    I know, I know, it sounds wild, but so far, every time I have thought “surely they can’t do anything worse than this” they have. And since I still have serious doubts about the election, anything seems possible. I’ve had so many “I told you so” moments, I hope and pray that this isn’t one of them.

  3. Desert Donkey says:

    The phrase ‘with one arm tied behind his back’ comes to mind. Kerry had no problem making Bush look inept, and Clinton would just remind us how far we have fallen. Imagine if intelligence and results were more important than blow jobs.

  4. Paul Gowder says:

    Clinton would pound that little atavistic retard-rich-frat-yale-bonesman-pissant-cokehead-twerp into the ground. It would be like Muhammad Ali versus Strom Thrumond. “Pow!” “Aaaah, why can’t we segregate this fight?” “Pow!” “Point of order!” “Pow!”

    Dude. I’d follow the Clinton campaign bus like he was Jerry Garcia.

  5. TheJew says:

    How about running Clinton in a Senate seat somewhere? Give him an excuse to be on television, might make him the minority leader (G-d forbid, but if in such case, he’d be a nice face for the party). He’d be back in business! He has got to do well in some boderline red state according to those polls, how about Colorado (or maybe even Montana), heck, FL could go for him possibly as well. I am sure he’d do well in Ohio (against Dewine).

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