Unnatural Selection?

Via Cosmic Iguana – Voice of the Evil Doers comes news that there is now “overwhelming” (well, at least very substantial) evidence that Bisphenol A, aka BPA, a chemical found in plastics, is likely leaching out of plastic bottles and into our bodies. Each bottle may add only a trace amount, but the cumulative of this estrogenic compound effect might, the Iguana suggests, explain radically dropping sperm counts in the US.

Are we living an unintentional evolutionary experiment in which we select strongly for resistance to an estrogenic compound? Perhaps…but only if the effect is real, large numbers of people don't have diets that avoid the plastics, and — most importantly — only if this is is something to which some part of the population actually has a resistance.

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One Response to Unnatural Selection?

  1. ruidh says:

    Hah! My grandfather (1888-1974) always refused to eat any kind of food which had been stored in plastic. Had he lived until today, I’m sure he would have starved to death.

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