As Granfalloons Go, It’s a Good One

Here's today's quiz question. It's a doozy.

What do the following people and organizations have in common?

Hint: The above is the full list of persons and entities that have this particular thing in common.

Answer below.

All of us are the parties in an amicus brief (.pdf) written by Lauren Gelman and the Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society in the Apple v. Does case. The issue is whether bloggers should be entitled to the same legal protections as professional print journalists under California law and the First Amendment.

I've signed a number of amicus briefs as a lawyer, but this is my first time as a client.

Feels weird.

[Granfalloon defined for the Vonnegut-impaired.]

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One Response to As Granfalloons Go, It’s a Good One

  1. Kenneth Fair says:

    Given that so many amicus briefs lard on the verbiage, it was a real treat to read one that lasers in on its point so effectively. Kudos to Ms. Gelman.

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