Schiavo. More Weirdness

Mark A. R. Kleiman: Running out of running room summarizes the last 18 or so hours of super-weirdness. One can only speculate where this is all going.

I gather that after the overwhelming loss before the 11th Circuit en banc, the Supreme Court filing hasn't actually reached the Court yet, but is expected Real Soon Now.

I can only say at this point that I hope Jeb Bush steps up to the plate and gets involved again in this one, since it's such a popular national issue, and popular in Florida too. And popular with Evangelicals. And I imagine this this mainline Christian's comments will have some resonance too.

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2 Responses to Schiavo. More Weirdness

  1. thomas says:

    “I believe that in a case such as this, the legislative branch, the executive branch, ought to err on the side of life, which we have,” the president said.

    How priceless the words that come out of our President’s mouth.

  2. Phill says:

    Any chance we might yet see Jeb Bush going to jail on a contempt of court charge? The law inquestion looks pretty clear to me, it has a section at the end that says that it does not change any existing court order, in fact law enforcement are required to uphold any existing court order.

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