Ottawa Anonymity Conference

One of my first research interests was the regulation of cryptography, and this quickly led me to the equally interesting topic of the regulation of anonymity. So I'm just delighted to be attending On the Identity Trail: Understanding the Importance and Impact of Anonymity and Authentication in a Networked Society in Ottawa today, as it's jammed packed with interesting people doing great work.

The conference is joint venture of a muldisciplinary team headed by Ian Kerr that works under the rubric On the Identity Trail and faculty from the Law and Technology Program at the University of Ottawa. Talk about critical mass!

The organizers asked me to report on legal developments in the US relating to anonymity, so I'll be giving a somewhat gloomy — and uncharacteristically doctrinal — presentation at this morning's session.

Did I mention it is about 60-70 degrees colder in Ottawa than Miami?

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