Black Hole Created in Lab (Maybe). Sounds Dangerous To Me…

You'd think they'd know if they have a black hole or not. But apparently it's only speculation. BBC : Lab fireball 'may be black hole'. Or you can read the rather mathy paper, The RHIC fireball as a dual black hole.

I'm presuming it's not going to eat the earth up because in tiny fractions of a second it doesn't get big enough to be stable and thus flies appart when they turn off the juice.

Anyway, while we wait for the earth to collapse, there's a highly amusing Slashdot discussion of the alleged phenomenon.

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2 Responses to Black Hole Created in Lab (Maybe). Sounds Dangerous To Me…

  1. DrLaniac says:

    They evaporate extremely quickly if they’re not of at least a certain size. I see that the /. article’s first commentor was the guy putting together the document on how to destroy the earth, Sam Hughes. I just yesterday included that my news headlines, suggesting that Bush and his neo-con friends would require at least a credible claim to be able to destroy the earth to hold on to power within a few years. It seems as if there’s actually good progress on their research.

  2. DrLaniac says:

    whoops, not actually Sam Hughes, just somebody claiming to have him as one of his minions.

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