YATA (Domestic)

Bilmon reads the NY Daily news:

Whiskey Bar: The Out of Towners Defense attorneys call it Brooklyn's Abu Ghraib. On the ninth floor of the federal Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park, terrorism suspects swept off the streets after the Sept. 11 attacks were repeatedly stripped naked and frequently were physically abused, the Justice Department's inspector general has found.

The detainees – none of whom were ultimately charged with anything related to terrorism – alleged in sworn affidavits and in interviews with Justice Department officials that correction officers … shackled their hands and feet before smashing them repeatedly face-first into concrete walls — within sight of the Statue of Liberty …

I've heard stories like this which pre-date 9/11, but one has the strong anecdotal feeling that 9/11 and/or the Patriot Act has created a psychological climate among law enforcement which makes things much worse than previously.

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2 Responses to YATA (Domestic)

  1. Blue says:

    The law grants too much power and not enough over sight. This law, if not done away with soon, will be this nations undoing.

  2. Chris says:

    And this just in, from Daily Kos…

    They are truly out of control:
    ATTORNEYS FOR the Justice Department appeared before a federal judge in Washington this month and asked him to dismiss a lawsuit over the detention of a U.S. citizen, basing their request not merely on secret evidence but also on secret legal arguments. The government contends that the legal theory by which it would defend its behavior should be immune from debate in court. This position is alien to the history and premise of Anglo-American jurisprudence, which assumes that opposing lawyers will challenge one another’s arguments.

    Just when you think things can’t get more absurd.

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