Saving Word Files as Wordperfect

Some time in the last two years those charming wonderful pro-competitive people at Microsoft have removed Word's ability to save a file as Wordperfect. I rarely use Word, and if I need to read a Word file into WP I could always have WP do it for me, but I don't like to be herded like this. Silently degrading my software's capabilities is NOT NICE.

Fortunately, there's Graham Mayor's WordPerfect converter for Word which reinstates the old functionality.

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  1. Being in the law field, I assume you use WordPerfect most of the time and just need this when you’re forced to use Word. Still, you may want to check out the latest development versions of StarOffice/OpenOffice. The user interface has been radically revamped for the better (toolbars with only useful things on them! usable — even pleasant — mail merge!) and at least in StarOffice 8 now in beta, WP filters are included in the standard install.

    You may want to wait for the final OOo 2.0 or StarOffice 8.0 release before using it for anything important, but I’m extremely impressed with what they’ve done, and it’s definitely worth trying out a current developer build. They seem to have addressed all the UI shortcomings that made it hard to recommend until now, save for one: still no collapsable outline view of word processor documents. I’m sure it’s still not a suitable replacement for the special law and medical editions of WordPerfect, but as a mainstream suite it seems finally to have arrived.

  2. Edie says:

    Bless you my son!

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