Juan Cole Outdoes Himself

Juan Cole lives up to the title of his blog, Informed Comment, but it's sad it needed to be said.

One of those “just read it” links, as Cole demolishes some Goldberg person who apparently is a conservative pundit sponsored by the louche National Review.

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2 Responses to Juan Cole Outdoes Himself

  1. Chris says:

    Smackdowns of ignorant kept-women like Goldberg need to be transmitted to all of the networks that peddle his blather as informed commentary. This will be the true test of whether the media has been taken over by the conservatives–will they react to reason and get rid of him (like CNN did Crossfire after Jon Stewart unloaded both barrels into it)? Or will they smile and go on as before? It’s probably too much to ask that they actually background check their pundits, so I’ll be happy if they just get rid of one who has been exposed as a fraud.

    BTW, Cole’s serial smackdown is very entertaining reading.

  2. Emily says:

    If I were in Professor Cole’s class, I’d sure do the reading before I raised my hand to make a comment.

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